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Laser Cut Engrave Etch Wood

Turn ordinary wood work into exceptional laser engraved art with your AP Lazer System!


DEATHCARE INDUSTRY INFO Laser Etch Granite Headstone Monument

Turn ordinary headstones into family treasures. Add personalized laser artwork to any monument!


So versatile, AP Lazer’s patented laser system is in a class of its own! See it for yourself!

AP Lazer: High Power Laser System for All Laser Engraving & Etching Needs

The AP Lazer system is the first large format high power laser machine that allows for engraving, etching, and cutting on a wide variety of materials with little to no size limits or weight restrictions. First used in the monument industry for laser engraving personalized photos plus artwork onto large pieces of granite memorials and monuments, AP Lazer system is now being used in varying industries to laser engrave and etch wood, glass, metal, brick, tile, acrylic, leather, personalized gifts & awards, etc. Users of AP Lazer's machines are able to etch directly onto large pieces of glass, stones, caskets, wood flooring, etc. with our patented removable laser top and EZ-Leveling System that you won't find with any other 80w 100w laser engraving system on the market.

If you are in the death care industry looking to increase your profits by selling personalized granite monuments, memorials, headstones, laser etched caskets, laser engraved urns, etc. or if you’re interested in starting or diversifying your own laser personalization business, we have an affordable laser system for your needs.

With over 10 years of laser engraving research and development, we are confident that you will find AP Lazes U.S. Patented removable laser top machine to be of the highest quality and an ideal solution to help your business grow. For more information about our versatile high power CO2 laser machines, please contact AP Lazer at our Lansing, Michigan office by calling 1-800-449-2481.

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